The Proxy Forge FAQ page

Q: What are your cards made out of?

A: All of our cards are made with premium finish (S33) black-core cardstock for the highest quality look and feel. 

Q: Who does the art for your cards?

A: This is a bit of a mixed answer. A potion of our sets are done in collaboration with up-and-coming artists. We are constantly looking to work with talented artists on special projects and releases.
If you or someone you know would be a good fit, please contact us using the contact form. We love working with under-the-radar, talented artists and helping showcase their work. Another portion of our sets is done though a combination of Midourney (commercial plan) and edits in Adobe Suite apps to make any needed edits and/or color corrections to get a final product we are happy with. 

Q: How fast is shipping?

We’re fast !  We print and prepare all processing orders the very NEXT day !
We then get them shipped out the same day or the following one, depending on USPS’s pick up time frame and how heavy or queue of order is.
We do not print/produce during the weekend.
Shipping time will take between 2 to 5 working in the US (5$) and 7-15+ working days for international shipping (25$).
We ship to ALL countries, and all shipping comes with a tracking number.
This is an approximate time frame, in the end, it’s all about USPS’s will to do their job.
We do not offer faster shipping yet. Sorry.

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