Ahoy Mateys Commander Precon Upgrade Guide Admiral Brass, Unsinkable Proxy Pack

Proxy Power Up: Ahoy Mateys Precon Upgrade Guide (Admiral Brass Unsinkable)

Ahoy, fellow sailors of the Commander seas! Welcome aboard this special edition of Proxy Power Up, where we’ll be setting sail to upgrade the Ahoy Mateys commander precon deck, captained by the legendary Captain Brass, Unsinkable. 

Straight out of the box, the deck is a force to be reckoned with, however, there are a few cards that might not perfectly align with the deck’s theme or strategy. Join us as we chart a course through the sea of possibilities, identifying 9 cards that we’d swap out and revealing the 9 cards from our “Ahoy Mateys Proxy Precon Upgrade Pack” that will take your deck to new horizons. Get ready to hoist the anchor and embark on a thrilling journey to enhance your Ahoy Mateys commander experience!

Ahoy Mateys Commander Precon Upgrade Guide Admiral Brass, Unsinkable

Dockside Extortionist: While Dockside Extortionist is a no-brainer in almost any deck with red in it, this deck is a perfect home for the popular goblin pirate.  A powerful pirate that can create INSANE amounts of treasures? We’re in. 

Phyrexian Tower: With a sacrifice sub-theme in this deck (and reanimation being a great payoff), Phyrexian Tower is a great way to use your small bodies to ramp & then get them back later! 

Cavern of Souls: A staple for just about any typal deck! 

Pirated Copy: A pirate pun stapled to a pretty powerful clone effect? Another straightforward inclusion! 

Revel in Riches: I’m always a fan of pulling off alternate win-cons and Revel in Riches might be my favorite. Stacking up a pile of treasure tokes (especially these pirate-themed ones) on your way to a win is insanely satisfying!

Raise the Palisade: This has become another great staple in just about all typal decks with access to blue mana. Essentially a one-sided board reset! 

Treasure Vault: A late-game mana sink to help you get your Revel in Riches win or simply ramp you into some simply MASSIVE plays to close out the game. 

Kindred Discovery: Similar to Raise the Pallisade, if you are playing a creature-heavy Typal deck, the card advantage you get from Kindred Discovery makes it too hard to pass up. 

Breeches, Eager Pillager: With a semi-wide board of pirates, Breeches helps you get your attacks through a board stall while also netting you some me card advantage and a treasure! Not too bad on a 3/3 for 3 with First Strike.

Ahoy Mateys Commander Precon Upgrade Guide Admiral Brass, Unsinkable

Daring Saboteur: This is simply too much mana for two unlockable damage and a loot. Too slow in commander without other “deals damage” payoffs on the board. 

Zara, Renegade Recruiter:  I had to make some hard cuts from this deck, and this was one of them. This effect is super fun a flavorful, but there’s a high likelihood that this just misses or hits something small + you don’t get to keep the creature. If this had haste, it would been a keep. 

Spectral Sailor: If you have some early-game payoffs for evasive pirates, this could be good combined with the late-game mana sink to draw a card. That said, in commander this is too small/clunky. With our upgrades, we’re doing much more fun and powerful things than this. 

King Narfi’s Betrayal: This sort of plays into the self-mill theme of the deck. That said, it just doesn’t do enough for me to consider keeping it over more powerful options.  

Fathom Fleet Captain: The ceiling for this cad is just WAY too low to play it when the floor is SO low. More often than not, you will draw this late-game and won’t be able to attack with it. Even when you do, an additional 2/2 pirate isn’t game-changing. 

Dire Fleet Ravager: In modern-day commander, a 4/4 with menace and deathtouch for 4 better have a pretty powerful effect to be playable. This is not it. 

Prismari Command: I’m always a fan of modal spells in any format. That said, this doesn’t do enough for me to consider it over some of our upgrades. 

Commander’s Sphere: For me to play a 3-mana mana rock, it needs to have some strong synergies with my deck’s theme. This does not. We’ll have PLENTY of treasures to help us ramp. Easy cut. 

Don Andres, the Renegade: This was a difficult cut. Not because it is powerful in this deck, but because it is a SUPER fun card. That said, this needs to have its own deck built around it Who’s down for a Grixis “steal your stuff” deck? 

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