Blame Game Precon Upgrade Guide (Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser)

Proxy Power Up: Blame Game Precon Upgrade Guide (Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser)

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Step into the arena of calculated chaos and strategic pandemonium with the Blame Game Commander pre-con deck, commanded by the audacious Nelly Borca, Impulsive Accuser. In a world where alliances shift like shadows and accusations incite turmoil, this deck invites you to orchestrate a symphony of combat chaos, compelling opponents to clash in a battlefield frenzy.

The essence of the Blame Game lies in the art of goading, a tactical dance that coerces adversaries into attacking each other. As we delve into this thrilling strategy, our upgrade guide will illuminate nine carefully selected cards that seamlessly integrate with the deck’s goad-centric theme, empowering you to manipulate the battlefield and watch the chaos unfold. Simultaneously, we’ll pinpoint nine cards that, while intriguing, may succumb to the relentless scrutiny of Nelly’s accusatory gaze.

Prepare to be the puppet master of combat, weaving a narrative of discord and provoking mayhem among your adversaries. With Nelly Borca leading the charge, let’s dive into the world of the Blame Game, where every spell becomes a thread in the tapestry of battlefield bedlam. The mystery awaits—let the strategic chaos commence!

Blame Game Commander Precon Upgrade Guide Nelly Borca

Aurelia, the Law Above: Aurelia, the Law Above is from the main set & it is a super fun addition to this deck’s theme. This card gives you even more of a payoff for goading your opponent’s creatures.

War’s Toll: This card is BRUTAL to play against, but if your playgroup isn’t too salty, it is simply too good in this deck not to play.

Bothersome Quasit: With Bothersome Quist on the board, not only will your opponents be forced to attack each other, but you’ll also have some REALLY good/easy attacks yourself. Another super fun card in this deck.

Agrus Kos, Spirit of Justice: Another new card from the main set, Agrus Kos, can help your late-game attacks land. Another fun way to mess with combat. Geez, this deck seems like a really cool take on Boros.

Maze of Ith: Maze of Ith provides ANOTHER way for you to essentially play puppet master over the combat phase and fits perfectly with the “pillow fort” sub-theme of this deck.

Insurrection: The PERFECT closer for a combat matters deck. I have yet to di it yet, but I can’t wait to close out my first game with Insurrection. Big fan.

Flawless Maneuver: Yes, Flawless Maneuver is a staple in just about any creature-based deck with access to white. That said, it is especially good in a deck that wants to keep turning its cards sideways. 

Don’t Move: To be honest, I didn’t even know this card existed until researching upgrades for this deck (I blame having SO many set releases). That said, with all the goad-ing going on in this deck, this can become a pretty consistent board wipe that only hits your opponent’s creatures. Thanks Jurassic Park Collection(?). Big fan. 

Aurelia, the Warleader: Wait? A combat deck would benefit from more combats? Shocker, right?! Aurelia having haste makes this such a good card as its extra combat” ability can come out of nowhere. 

Blame Game Commander Precon Upgrade Guide Nelly Borca

Stalking Leonin: I like how well this card fits into the deck’s themes. That said, SO much has to go right for this card to hit. You have to pick the right creature and then hope it doesn’t get removed AND ends up attacking you (in a deck built around your opponents NOT attacking you). Not a fan.

Gideon’s Sacrifice: Another solid combat trick/manipulation card. This is one I wouldn’t blame you for keeping in, but I’m essentially swapping this out for flawless maneuver.

Vow of Lightning: For me, a 3-mana aura/enchantment has got to do more than this. Easy cut.

Bloodthirsty Blade: This is a fun card in a goad deck, however, we have a lot of better options for goading our opponent’s creatures and manipulating combat in our favor.

Soul Snare: I’d look at this as more of a deterrent for your opponents to not attack you than a form of removal as your opponents can see this from a mile away. With that in mind, we have plenty of better ways to ensure our opponents are forced to attack each other.

Ransom Note: Ransom Notes found its way into all four of the Murders at Karlov Manor commander pre-con decks. So as you can guess, this card is trying to do so many things that it actually doesn’t actually do that much at all. Easy cut. (!!Spoiler alert!! We cut this card from all four decks).

Etali, Primal Storm: It always kills me inside to cut Etali from pre-con decks (it shows up quite a bit). Etali is simply a fun card to play. That said, without a consistent game plan to give Etali haste, it is not likely to see a combat phase and it doesn’t really fit our deck’s strategy.

Angel of the Ruins: 7 mana for a 5/7 flyer with enchantment/artifact removal staples on is the definition of average. After adding in our upgrades for this deck, we can safely assume we’ve graduated from “average”. Easy cut.

Sun Titan: Sun Titan is another big, fun, splashy creature that just doesn’t do much as far as progressing our strategy. That said, this is another one I wouldn’t blame you for finding a way to keep it in the deck.

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