Revenant Recon Precon Upgrade Guide (Mirko, Obsessive Theorist)

Proxy Power Up: Revenant Recon Precon Upgrade Guide (Mirko, Obsessive Theorist)

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Step into the elusive world of shadowy machinations and dark secrets with the Revenant Recon Commander pre-con deck, guided by the elusive Mirko, Obsessive Theorist. In a realm where every surveil beckons untold possibilities, and the graveyard becomes a wellspring of potential, this deck invites you to master the art of espionage, strategically unraveling powerful spells from the shadows.

The core strategy of Revenant Recon lies in the sinister dance of surveil, a calculated manipulation of your library to secure the upper hand. Mirko’s obsessive theories come to life as we traverse this enigmatic landscape, uncovering nine meticulously chosen cards that seamlessly integrate with the deck’s surveil-centric theme. These additions will not only amplify your ability to peer into the future but also allow you to resurrect colossal spells from the depths of your graveyard. Meanwhile, we’ll spotlight nine cards that, while intriguing, may find themselves eclipsed by the looming shadows of more potent options.

Prepare to embrace the darkness and unleash the power concealed within the Revenant Recon deck. With Mirko at the helm, every surveil becomes a strategic maneuver, and each spell in the graveyard transforms into a potential game-changer. The shadows are alive with whispers—let the recon mission unfold!

Revenant Recon Commander Precon upgrade Guide Mirko, Obsessive Theorist

Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin: A free way to surveil every turn staples together to late-game card advantage? Don’t mind if I do. The big brain move with Search for Azcanta is that you don’t have to flip it. If you’d rather keep up the surveilling, you can simply not flip it! 

Archon of Cruelty: A staple for graveyard/reanimation synergy decks. Archon of Cruelty packs a serious punch with its ETP + it triggers again for each time you can attack with it! 

Consecrated Sphinx: Another excellent card to get back from your graveyard with with Mirko’s ability. Surveil this into your graveyard in the early game  & then bring it back after you run out of gas in your hand to reload. 

Entomb: Not finding the bombs on top of your deck to surviel into your graveyard? No worries. In a graveyard deck, Entomb is essentially a one-mana tutor at instant speed. Perfection. 

Mithril Coat: Keeping Mirko protected so it can build up a bunch of counters is going to be key to this deck doing some seriously busted stuff. Mithril coat gives you some instant speed protection that sticks around. 

Lotus Petal: A cheap (free) artifact ramp in a Dimir deck will help you keep pace with green decks in the early game and can help speed up your big game-ending plays in the mid to late game. 

Sheoldred, Whispering One: Yep. Another big beefy body that can absolutely start wrecking the game as soon as it hits the battlefield. This may be my first pick to go grab with Entomb. Sheoldred is such a fun card (for you). 

Sakashima of a Thousand Faces: What’s better than one Sheoldred? What about two Sheoldreds? Sakashima of a Thousand Faces gives you a way to double up on some of your big nasty wind conditions. 

Virtue of Persistence: Removal for early threats staples to a reoccurring reanimation engine for the late-game? Virtue of Persistence is a really fun/good card. Give it a try! I don’t think you’ll regret it. 

Revenant Recon Precon Commander Deck Upgrade Guide Mirko, Obsessive Theorist

Overflowing Chalice: I understand wanting to ramp into some of your bigger spells to cast them from your hand if you don’t have a reanimation spell. That said, overflowing chalice is simply too slow and fragile.

Deep Analysis: We are going to end up with better ways to draw cards. That said, I like being able to put this into our graveyard without needing to cast the overpriced front half of this card. That said, this card just always underperforms for me. 

Thoughtbound Phantasm: Even if this thing gets 10 counters on it over the course of the game, without any simple ways to give it evasion or trample, this is an easy cut for me. 

Shriekmaw: In modern commander, we have so many better removal options than this. I wouldn’t think twice about cutting Shriekmaw from this deck. 

Ephara’s Dispersal: Similar to Shriekmaw, there are just a LOT of better ways to deal with your opponent’s big threats. Even with the surveil stapled to the end of this, I’d still cut it. 

Ransom Note: Ransom Notes found its way into all four of the Murders at Karlov Manor commander pre-con decks. So as you can guess, this card is trying to do so many things that it actually doesn’t actually do that much at all. Easy cut. (!!Spoiler alert!! We cut this card from all four decks). 

Disinformation Campaign: This was one of my absolute favorite cards when it was in standard and it fits into the deck’s theme so well. So I honesty wouldn’t blame you for keeping Disinformation Campaign in the decl. That said, having to keep paying for this over and over again feels like you may be delaying some actually game-changing plays. 

Overseer of the Damned: We are playing MUCH better big reanimation targets with our upgrades. Easy cut. 

Grave Titan: *See Overseer of the Damned* The tokens this creates just don’t do very much in commander. This cut would make our friends over at the Nitpicking Nerds proud. 

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