Explorers of the Deep Commander Precon Upgrade Guide Hakbal Proxy

Proxy Power Up: Explorers of the Deep Precon Upgrade Guide (Hakbal of the Surging Soul)

Prepare to immerse yourselves in a special edition of Proxy Power Up, where we’re about to embark on a journey to upgrade the Explorers of the Deep commander precon deck. Our chosen guide for this subaquatic expedition is the powerful merfolk scout, Hakbal of the Surging Soul!

As we unlock the secrets hidden within the lost caverns of Ixalan, the deck reveals its innate power. Yet, every seasoned explorer understands that the depths hold untold wonders waiting to be discovered. Join us as we navigate through the uncharted waters, identifying 9 cards that may need a substitute to harmonize better with the deck’s merfolk theme and subterranean “explore” strategy. Dive into the abyss with anticipation as we unveil the 9 cards from our “Explorers of the Deep Proxy Precon Upgrade Pack,” destined to elevate your commander experience with this deck! Ready your fins, explorers, for an enchanting journey awaits beneath the waves!

Explorers of teh Deep Commander Precon Deck Upgrade Guide Hakbal

Tishana’s Tidebinder: A new addition from the Lost Caverns of Ixalan main set, Tishana’s Tidebinder is an excellent instant-speed answer to your opponent’s most powerful abilities + it is a merfolk. Perfect!

Burgeoning: With all the “exploring” in this deck, you’ll constantly find yourself with a handful of extra lands waiting to be played. Burgeoning is a perfect way to get those down ASAP to quickly ramp into some huge plays.

Jadelight Spelunker: Another gem from the Lost Cavern of Ixalan main set. I’m always a fan of cards that scale no matter what point of the game you are in + this is a great enabler for your explore and +1/+1 counter payoffs.

Titan of Littjara: A new staple for just about any creature-heavy typal deck with access to blue, Titan of Littjara is a great addition to this deck.

Chord of Calling: Another spell that can scale with the situation of the game, Chord of Calling helps you find the exact piece you need at the perfect time. This being instant speed, allowing you to cast it on your opponent’s end step is NASTY.

Lord of Atlantis: Lord of Atlantis is EVERYTHING you want in a lord. Cheap with a powerful effect that not only pumps the team, but also gives pseudo-evasion to your merfolk. Easy include.

Thrasios, Triton Hero: A cheap, thematic way to help filter your explores. 10/10.

Deeproot Pilgrimage: The “one or more” stipulation on this cards holds it back a bit, however, this card coming down in the early game is a powerful, yet unassuming, way to quickly take over the board with merfolk.

For the Ancestors: A great card to re-stock you had with Merfolk + you can play this later for its flashback cost to bring in the underwater reinforcements one more time after you run out of gas.

Explorers of teh Deep Commander Precon Deck Upgrade Guide Hakbal

Aetherize: These cards always seem better in theory than they are in an actual game. Leaving four mana untapped for the CHANCE that your opponent takes a HUGE swing just at you is a big risk. If they don’t, you may have wasted an entire turn cycle. Not a fan.

Curse of the Swine: This keeps gutting re-printed in commander decks as a “board wipe”. That said, this card can get WAY too expensive to truly “clear” the board of all threats. There are much more efficient options out there.

Commit //Memory: Sometimes having two mediocre cards staples together can make one great card. This is not one of those instances.

Simic Signet: I have never been a huge fan of the signets unless you have artifact synergies. With access to green, we have MUCH better ramp options.

Quandrix Command: I am typically a fan of the flexibility that modal spells provide, however, Quandrix Command JUST misses the mark for me. This one was a slightly tough cut so feel free to keep it if you feel so inclined.

Merfolk Cave-Diver: This card simply doesn’t do enough. A few extra points of unlockable damage here and there might start to add up, but I just don’t see this being more powerful than our upgrades.

Merfolk Skydiver: At first look, Merfolk Skydiver appears to do everything we want in this deck. It’s a merfolk that adds a counter and can proliferate all our other counters in the late-game. Even with all of that going for it, I think it is simply too slow to be a reliable closer.

Tishana, Voice of Thunder: Tishana is an over-costed, chunky creature with no evasion that does to EVERYTHING. “But it can draw a TON of cards”, you might say. Sure it can. But we have LOTS of ways to efficiently draw cards in this deck. Easy cut.

Commander’s Sphere: For me to play a 3-mana mana rock, it needs to have some strong synergies with my deck’s theme. This does not. Again, with access to green, we don’t need to rely as heavily on artifact ramp.

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