Proxy Power Up: Desert Bloom Precon Upgrade Guide

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Welcome, brave wanderers, to the sun-scorched sands of the “Desert Bloom” Commander precon deck from the “Outlaws of Thunder Junction” precon upgrade series. Under the vigilant guidance of Yuma, Proud Protector, this deck embodies the resilience and tenacity of those who call the desert their home. In a land where survival is a constant battle against the elements and rival factions, Yuma and his loyal defenders stand as bastions of hope in the unforgiving wilderness.

With nine carefully selected upgrades and nine strategic cuts, we’re aiming to enhance the endurance and strategic depth of this deck, transforming it into an oasis of strength and solidarity amidst the arid expanse. So gather your supplies and steel your resolve, for in the heart of the desert, only the strong will thrive, and only the bold will prevail.

Crucible of Worlds: A staple artifact in decks that want access to lands in their graveyard. A perfect fit here. 3 mana for this may seel a little sow, however, remember you can pull a land from your graveyard the turn this comes out to help make sure you can keep hitting lands drops.

Elvish Reclaimer: Not only does Elvish Reclaimer get stronger with 3+ lands in your graveyard, it also allows you a way to continue to fill your graveyard with Desert cards to trigger Yuma’s ability while also filling your hand with lands to trigger your deck’s various landfall effects.

Exploration: I really like exploration in decks with a good amount of landfall triggers + this allows you to better leverage cards that allow you to play lands from your graveyard as well.

Greater Good: Greater good helps provide you with a reoccurring way to get some much-needed card advantage. Cashing in a 4/2 plat warrior token for 4 cards feels REALLY good here.

Lightning Greaves: Not only can Yuma be an expensive commander that you want to protect, but giving him haste to trigger his second ability twice on the turn you cast him can be super solid.

Lotus Cobra: Landfall triggers (CHECK). Mana ramp in mana-hungry deck (CHECK). Lotus Cobra is an easy upgrade to recommend here.

Nissa, Resurgent Animist: Nissa is not only another really great landfall trigger that allows you to add additional mana, but it also gives you some card selection/advantage on turns that you can double-up on its trigger.

Scapeshift: An absolute must-include in any deck that wants lands in your graveyard + it gets even better in decks with landfall triggers. This card is even better than it initially reads, especially in a deck like this.

Sylvan Safekeeper: Sylvan safekeeper not only gives you a way to protect Yuma and your other massive creatures, but it also helps fill your graveyard with lands while doing it. Another perfect fit.


In order to make room for these upgrades, we will need to identify cards that don’t quite fit our deck’s strategy or simply don’t make the cut after upping the deck’s power level. Here are the cuts that we’d recommend considering when upgrading your Desert Bloom commander precon deck:

  • Eccentric Farmer
  • Skullwinder
  • Scaretiller
  • Perpetual Timepiece
  • Crawling Sensation
  • Wreck and Rebuild
  • Angel of the Ruins
  • Forest
  • Plains

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Do you want these upgrades without breaking the bank? Click HERE to pick up your Desert Bloom Precon Proxy Upgrade Pack.