Proxy Power Up: Grand Larceny Precon Upgrade Guide

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Step into the shadows as we delve into the realm of intrigue and thievery with the “Grand Larceny” Commander precon deck from the “Outlaws of Thunder Junction” series. Led by the enigmatic Gonti, Canny Acquisitor, this deck embodies the essence of cunning deception and clandestine operations. In a world where every artifact and spell is a potential prize, Gonti and a crew of master thieves are poised to orchestrate the greatest heists the multiverse has ever seen.

With nine meticulously chosen upgrades and nine strategic cuts, we’re aiming to enhance the subterfuge and strategic depth of this deck, transforming it into a covert powerhouse capable of outwitting even the most vigilant opponents. So don your cloak of shadows and sharpen your senses, because in the world of “Grand Larceny,” every card drawn is another opportunity to seize victory from the hands of your adversaries.

Agent of Treachery: Agent of Treachery is right at home in a deck built around casting your opponent’s stuff. Not only does it let you steal the most powerful permanent in the game, it also rewards you for owning more of your opponent’s stuff. Exactly what Gonti wants you to be doing.

Bribery: Another clean way to snag one of your opponent’s best creatures. The ability to pick from a bunch of options also makes this a great way to find the perfect answer for the board state.

Court of Locthwain: This is a SUPER fun card. not only does it allow you to continue to gain options to cast your opponent’s spells, but it also lets you play them for free if you can protect your status as the monarch!

Mnemonic Betrayal: Late in the game, this should give you a massive selection of spells to play. Plus, by the point, you should also have enough mana to case a few of them or bring back one massive spell to help close out the game.

Opposition Agent: This card is great in any black deck (and gets better as your pod’s power level scales), however, it is especially good/flavorful in a deck built around using your opponent’s spells against them. Just be warned that this card can cause some serious saltiness at the table!

Praetor’s Grasp: A tutor that allows you to search your opponent’s deck might not always be as good as searching your own library, however, in this deck, it is right at home!

Swan Song: A cheap and versatile counter that doesn’t leave your opponents with much of a threat. No wonder why Sawn Song is so popular.

Tinybones, the Pickpocket: We couldn’t upgrade this deck without adding Tinybones, the Pickpocket to the list. Not only can this guy easily get through for combat damage at any stage in the game, it also lets you cast even more of your opponent’s spells. Perfect fit here.

Toski, Bearer of Secrets: Another card that is right at home in a deck looking to deal combat damage with a small army of evasive creatures. Toski can be a must-answer, which is a great trait for a card that is hard to deal with.


In order to make room for these upgrades, we will need to identify cards that don’t quite fit our deck’s strategy or simply don’t make the cut after upping the deck’s power level. Here are the cuts that we’d recommend considering when upgrading your Grand Larceny commander precon deck:

  • Silhana Ledgewalker
  • Trygon Predator
  • Orochi Soul-Reaver
  • Whirler Rogue
  • Prismatic Lens
  • Swamp
  • Plasm Capture
  • Chaos Wand
  • Curse of the Swine

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Do you want these upgrades without breaking the bank? Click HERE to pick up your Grand Larceny Precon Proxy Upgrade Pack.