Proxy Power Up: Eldrazi Incursion Precon Upgrade Guide

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Unlock the true potential of your “Eldrazi Incursion” deck with our expert precon upgrade guide! Led by the formidable Ulalek, Fused Atrocity, this Modern Horizons 3 Precon promises to devastate opponents with its unique “start small, smash big” strategy. By leveraging Eldrazi Spawns and Scions, you can ramp up your mana production to summon colossal Eldrazi monsters that will dominate the battlefield. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the world of Commander, our recommendations will help you optimize your deck and elevate your gameplay.

In this comprehensive Eldrazi Incursion Precon Upgrade guide, we’ll explore 9 high-value and synergistic card upgrades that will enhance your deck’s efficiency and power. We’ll also suggest 9 cards to cut, ensuring your deck remains streamlined and lethal. Dive in and discover how to bring the pain to any plane with these essential upgrades!

Conduit of Ruin: Not only does Conduit of Ruin act as a discount for your massive Eldrazi threats, but it can also help search up one of your game-ending creatures to help close out your opponents! You’ll likely never be unhappy to draw Conduit of Ruin – no matter what stage of the game you are in.

Darksteel Monolith: A must-include for any colorless deck. Especially one that includes so many expensive mana-value creatures!

Echoes of Eternity: “Eldrazi-monicon” anyone? This card puts in SOOOO much work in this deck and will be a new staple for just about any/all colorless decks moving forward. Such a fun card!

Emrakul, the World Anew: Another EMrakul, another absolute POWERHOUSE of a card that should probably just say “You win the game. Make your opponents salty. The end.”

Forsaken Monument: Another solid colorless staple that helps you ramp, sizes up your creatures and can also help keep you alive with some much-needed life gain while you are building up a board state and ramping to your late-game threats. This card simply does too much not to include.

Ugin’s Binding: Wow. This card can be unreal-good in this deck. With so many 7+ mana-value threats, you can consistently count on using this spell’s final ability and essentially getting a “free” cyclonic rift from your graveyard in the late-game.

Ulamog, the Defiler: Another legendary Eldrazi that can simply win you the game if you can get away with casting it and getting an attack step in with it. That Annihilator X could lead to some really fun (for you) turns!

Urza’s Incubator: A colorless way to help make your massive Eldrazi creatures cheaper? Urza’s Incubator is an Easy include here.

Zhulodok, Void Gorger: Cascade is already one of the most fun abilities in Commander. Add in the fact that you can cascade multiple times and potentially sing a few massive ELdrazi together with one cast and cascade becomes even more fun! Keep in mind, Zhulodok will paint a BIG target on your back as soon as it hits the board.


In order to make room for these upgrades, we will need to identify cards that don’t quite fit our deck’s strategy or simply don’t make the cut after upping the deck’s power level. Here are the cuts that we’d recommend considering when upgrading your Eldrazi Incursion commander precon deck:

  • Chittering Dispatcher
  • Drowner of Hope
  • Suffer the Past
  • Ugin’s Insight
  • Rishkar’s Expertise
  • Idol of Oblivion
  • Dreamstone Hedron
  • Talisman of Resilience
  • Ulamog’s Crusher
  • Glaring Fleshraker

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Do you want these upgrades without breaking the bank? Click HERE to pick up your Eldrazi Incursion Precon Proxy Upgrade Pack.