Proxy Power Up: Quick Draw Precon Upgrade Guide

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Hold onto your hats as we gear up for a lightning-fast showdown with the “Quick Draw” Commander precon deck from the “Outlaws of Thunder Junction” series. Led by the unpredictable Stella Lee, Wild Card, this deck epitomizes the spirit of rapid-fire action and split-second decision-making. In a world where the fastest gun wins, Stella and her band of sharpshooters are ready to blaze a trail of destruction across the battlefield.

With nine carefully curated upgrades and nine strategic cuts, we’re aiming to amplify the adrenaline-fueled chaos and tactical precision of this deck, transforming it into a force to be reckoned with in the blink of an eye. So holster your spells and brace yourself for the ultimate showdown, because in Thunder Junction, victory favors the fleetest of fingers and the sharpest of minds.

Birgi, God of Storytelling / Harnfel, Horn of Bounty: This card can go SO hard in a spell slinger deck like this. You can basically ignore the bottom text on this card, but giving you additional mana for casting spells is such a powerful effect in a deck built around double-spelling each turn. The artifact side of this card can also come in handy as well for additional card advantage.

Deflecting Swat: I really like defecting swat in this deck as a flavorful and powerful way to disrupt one of your opponent’s big plays.

Flusterstorm: Flusterstorm is an efficient way to help foil one of your opponent’s nig plays or can also provide a cheap counter to stop someone looking to counter one of your game-ending turns.

Jeska’s Will: Another cheap (potentially free) spell that can help you to cast multiple spells in a turn and/or provide card advantage. Easy include in this deck.

Minamo, School at Water’s Edge: I really like utility lands that can help us take advantage of our commander’s abilities multiple times per turn.

Pact of Negation: Another cheap (potentially free) spell that can help you stop an opponent’s big play while also allowing you to feel safe tapping out on your turn. Free counterspells always overperform for me as your opponents rarely see them coming.

Pyroblast: Sorry blue players. Pyroblast is just too solid of a cheap spell to not consider in a spell slinger deck like this + being able to double up on this with Stella Lee’s ability is broken when facing another blue player or two (highly likely).

Spellseeker: This deck is LOADED with efficient instants and sorceries. Speelseeker is a PERFECT fit to help you find the perfect answer + this card gets even better if you have a couple of ways to bounce it and get its ETB all over again.

Underworld Breach: A powerful and efficient way to leverage powerful spells in your graveyard. No wonder Underworld Breach has become such a commander staple for many red decks.


In order to make room for these upgrades, we will need to identify cards that don’t quite fit our deck’s strategy or simply don’t make the cut after upping the deck’s power level. Here are the cuts that we’d recommend considering when upgrading your Quick Draw commander precon deck:

  • Pteramander
  • Opt
  • Curse of the Swine
  • Finale of Revelation
  • Radical Idea
  • Think Twice
  • Temple of the False God
  • Tezzeret’s Gambit
  • Island

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Do you want these upgrades without breaking the bank? Click HERE to pick up your Quick Draw Precon Proxy Upgrade Pack.